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This is the home page for the PSU ACM Programming Team 2000 and its members. For more information about the team and its activities, please contact Bart Massey. For more information on the contest, see the Links section below. If you are a team member, you may access the Tutorial. (Others who wish to access the tutorial may obtain the necessary username and password by contacting Bart Massey.)


Monday 11/13

The results of the contest, as well as the problem set, are now posted.

Sunday 11/12

I have put together a trip report from the contest, including some pictures.

Sunday 11/12

We won!

OK, we didn't win, but this year's team put on a very respectable performance. Each team solved 2 problems out of the 8 assigned.

This is one fewer than last year's teams, but this problem set was generally agreed to be much harder than last year's. For example, the winning team last year solved all 8 problems: this year the two top teams had 5 problems apiece! While the final standings are yet to be published, I expect the placement of the PSU teams to be similar to last year's.

More importantly, both teams worked steadily and effectively throughout the five-hour competition, selecting appropriate problems to solve and implementing those solutions carefully and correctly. There were only two incorrect submissions by only one team (due to misunderstanding of a problem statement): effective testing and desk-checking by both teams ensured a very small penalty score.

The teams are to be congratulated for their hard work and dedication leading up to the competition, and for their fine performance consonant with the best values of their institution. Nice work, folks!

Friday 11/3
Slight change from previous announcement, Travelling team is now:
PSU Viking Explorers
  • Zhiyin ``Jane'' Pan (captain)
  • Matt Sargent
  • James Moore
PSU Viking Adventurers
  • Loren Davis (captain)
  • Noah Davidson
  • Jamey Sharp
PSU Viking Reserve
  • Jonathan Nix
Next (last?) team meeting Sunday 11/5, 1:00PM.
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